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Curated resources for understanding the best business practices and the evolving policy landscape, including the expertise of our team and partners.

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MindOpen Interview with Best of HR

Dr. Elizabeth Speck was interviewed by Best of HR in October 2019 about her presentation at the SHRM Annual Conference that same year. Elizabeth presented with her colleagues Tarik Greene, from M.A.D.E., and Roberta Meyers, Director of State Strategy and Reentry for the Legal Action Center on Fair Chance Hiring: Shifting from Background Check Compliance to Talent Strategy. Read more here

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LinkedIn Pulse: Fair Chance Hiring in a Pandemic

Check out this recent publication by Elizabeth Speck offering essential insights into the reality of practicing fair chance hiring strategies during a pandemic. Avoiding exploitation of vulnerable populations during stressful periods takes deliberate work, but thankfully there are resources available here


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Further updates on essential resources and services provided by MADE Transitional Services and MindOpen Learning Strategies.


Collateral Consequences Resource Center

Invaluable national clearinghouse for the most up-to-date news and commentary on policies relating to criminal convictions, and restoration of rights. "Collateral Consequences" refers to de facto exclusions well beyond the court's sentence, in housing, employment, education, health, and more.

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Back to Business: How Hiring Formerly Incarcerated Job Seekers Benefits Your Company

A report from the Trone Private Sector and Education Advisory Council to the American Civil Liberties Union. The research highlights MADE Transitional Services as a successful nonprofit agency that aids formerly incarcerated individuals in their pursuit of employment. Read more here.

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Career Prospects for People with Criminal Records: Practitioners’ Views on Barriers and Opportunities

Listen to this riveting podcast about best practices for second chance hiring featuring  Toney L. Earl Jr. as the Executive Director & Founder of M.A.D.E. Transitional Services. 

The panel discusses strategies for overcoming barriers and improving employment outcomes through reentry, community supervision, and employer-driven programs. Fair Chance Hiring practices are essential information for any human resources professionals in the current working environment.

Listen Here

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