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MindOpen Learning Strategies projects draw on a team of dynamic subject matter experts known for their commitment to and innovation in advancing social justice. 

Roxanne Mustafa

Affiliate Consultant, Equitable Technology

Peggy Shorr

Affiliate Consultant, Curriculum Development

Samantha King

Associate, Projects and Communications

Edward DeJesus

Affiliate Consultant, Social Capital & Youth Workforce Development Advisor

Rebecca Anuru

Affiliate Consultant, Trauma-informed Practice & Youth Development

Elizabeth Speck

Founder & Principal Consultant

Sarah Blas

Lead, Communications and Community Engagement

Melissa D. Elliott

Affiliate Consultant, Trauma-informed Practice & Mental Health

Bobby Digi

Affiliate Consultant, Community-Building and Culture

Nadira Ramcharan

Lead, Operations and Strategy

Tarik Greene

Affiliate Consultant, Fair Chance Forward

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