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MindOpen Learning Strategies projects draw on a team of dynamic subject matter experts known for their commitment to and innovation in advancing social justice. 

Peggy Shorr

Affiliate Consultant, Curriculum Development

Rebecca Anuru

Affiliate Consultant, Trauma-informed Practice & Youth Development

Samantha King

Associate, Projects and Communications

Edward DeJesus

Affiliate Consultant, Social Capital & Youth Workforce Development Advisor

Bobby Digi

Affiliate Consultant, Community-Building and Culture

Elizabeth Speck

Founder & Principal Consultant

Sarah Blas

Lead, Communications and Community Engagement

Melissa D. Elliott

Affiliate Consultant, Trauma-informed Practice & Mental Health

Roxanne Mustafa

Affiliate Consultant, Equitable Technology

Nadira Ramcharan

Lead, Operations and Strategy

Tarik Greene

Affiliate Consultant, Fair Chance Forward

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