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Roxanne Mustafa

Affiliate Consultant, Equitable Technology

Roxanne Mustafa is a Design Manager at Spotify’s Data & Insights tribe. She has expertise as a full spectrum Product Designer, User Researcher, and spent 6 years working as a Technology Consultant. She currently works with designers in the Data consumption space and has spent several years in organization transformation. She has worked as a Design Lead for Data Tools, Application Modernization tools, agile workflow management tools, developer experiences and has also consulted product development and design processes, building software alongside financial services and nonprofits. Before that, she has worked for digital agencies, such as Ogilvy and Endava, to build products and lead UX strategy in many sectors such as real estate, retail and manufacturing.


Roxanne leverages her skills in research, facilitation, and consulting, as well as her work in Diversity and Inclusion in the technology sector, to build up her community and raise the voice of women and other targeted groups on Staten Island. She is a part of several non profit executive boards that serve Staten Island growth and development. Recently, she was part of an accelerator to create a platform that connects NYCHA residents to their neighbors in an effort to de-stigmatize public housing, and now is part of the CSI Incubator with her tech consulting business, Rock Tech, Data, & Design. She has also served on a transition team to build out the new NYC Public Advocate’s staff, currently serves the Staten Island Community Education Council, and is proud to serve on the Democratic County Committee Executive Board.

In addition to enabling organizations to modernize, she tried to bring the same mindset to progressive groups and nonprofits. She co-founded and led the non-profit group SIWWM which teaches civic engagement. She is also on the board of several community advocacy groups in NYC and is interested in the intersection of community organizing and civics. She believes in human-center thinking and believes in design leadership in all sectors and works as a data, civics and technology advocate on campaigns and for non profits. She started the consulting company Rock Tech Data & Design to help the digital transformation of nonprofits and small businesses. She rebooted the Staten Island Indivisible branch, which aims to communicate state policy regarding infrastructure and environmental justice, and has started the initiative called Data Happened on Staten Island, which aims to educate narratives centered around data driven evidence. Her goal is to continue to build a network of civically minded Staten Islanders who want to improve the standard of living and affect change in their local communities. She finds it rewarding to apply design thinking and problem solving to all parts of her life.


Roxanne Mustafa
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