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Tarik Greene

Affiliate Consultant, Fair Chance Forward

Tarik Greene is the CEO/Founder of THE REENTRY INSTITUTE OF AMERICA (TRIOA) and a Lead Consultant/Independent Contractor for Reentry Services and Fair Chance Employment Trainings.  He has overseen the development of transitional service programs and strategic initiatives and partnerships in Rockland County for the past 12 years. Tarik’s extensive experience includes training progressive corporations as part of Dave's Killer Bread Foundations Second Chance Employment Cohort, He has many years of supporting people who self-disclose diagnosis related to disabilities, and/or with people who are eligible for re-entry services, development re-employment training plans, providing quality employment referrals and successfully placing people in employment programs. Tarik is passionate about creating an interactive and enjoyable business environment, which supports meeting the needs of business partners, colleagues and clients, while ensuring that clients are held accountable for personal self-improvement and professional self-development.


Tarik Greene
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