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Q2 2023 Newsletter: Courage

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

How are you, reader ?

Welcome to MindOpen's quarterly Newsletter. We are a WBE certified consulting firm helping organizations and individuals meet their social justice goals. This newsletter serves as a way to get to know our impact, highlight the work of our clients and to connect on a common theme. Join us this month as we center one of our core values, courage.

It takes courage to challenge the status quo and speak up against oppression and discrimination in society and our workplaces. Courage involves taking risks, confronting fears, and stepping outside of our regular routines. It doesn't have to involve running towards a burning building or becoming a superhero (though it can! see here and here). Whether it's standing up to a system of harm, or challenging our own biases, growth requires us to push ourselves beyond what feels safe and familiar. Regardless of the phase we are in our journey towards social justice, it's important to remember that growth is a continual process that requires ongoing reflection, learning, and action. We can acknowledge our mistakes, listen to feedback, and adapt our approach as we go. This can be challenging, as it may require us to confront our own privilege. However, by remaining open and self-aware, we can continue to make progress towards a more just and equitable world. Finally, it's important to recognize that we don't have to go it alone. Building a supportive community of like-minded professionals can provide us with the encouragement and motivation we need to keep moving forward, even when the going gets tough. Whether it's through networking events, mentorship programs, or online communities, we can find co-conspirators who share our commitment to social justice and who can offer us guidance, support, and accountability. At MindOpen, every learning experience we facilitate is designed to create the space for courageous, liberating choices. How can we help you? With Courage,

The MindOpen Core Team

Photo Credit: Nataki Hewling

This March we partnered with Non Profit NY to provide a public webinar on Infusing DEI-A strategies into Human Resources.

We launched a customized DEI-A professional development series for New Destiny Housing, joined by staff who service the five boroughs.

We brought "Making Your Resume Sing" and "Gaining Fans with Your Cover Letters" to CUNY John Jay College, Institute for Justice and Opportunity, for students in the prestigious Tow and Pinkerton Fellowships.

Tarik Greene and Sarah Blas captivated audiences during presentations, in Saratoga Springs at the NY Association of Training and Education Professionals (NYATEP) Youth Forum. Sarah facilitated "Build to Bloom: Trauma-informed Anti-racist Youth Services," and Tarik facilitated "Innovative Solutions for Employer Engagement" with our client Rockland Works' Stephanie Compasso.

On March 20 we visited our client Person Centered Care Services to celebrate their progress with our Fair Chance Forward training and consulting, building capacity to include qualified candidates impacted by criminal records in their hiring strategy (funded by the Kipnes Fund for Social Innovation, Fielding Graduate University).

Our team had a site visit at the Millburn, NJ Fire Department for our upcoming DEI trainings with them. We are happy to announce that MindOpen is now a registered business entity in New Jersey.

- We joined the Pride Center of Staten Island for Transgender Day of Visibility during a coffee and chat, sharing resources, current events and ways to build allyship.

- We celebrated Women's History Month by highlighting Raquel Willis. Willis is an American writer, activist, and speaker who works to advance the rights of transwomen and people of color. Her dedication and ability to break barriers is inspiring.

-We observed Reentry Week with an interview with our colleague Tarik Greene about his lived experiences and what we can do as a society to progress.

-We highlighted our colleague Fern Zagor, the daughter of Holocaust survivors and Chair of the Chai Society supporting Wagner College Holocaust Center.

- We joined New Destiny Housing for their 2023 benefit, supporting families experiencing domestic violence.

- We joined The National Council of Negro Women, Staten Island branch to celebrate the 17th annual Harambee Luncheon, honoring hidden figures.

- We welcomed a new client, Imogen Foundation and are excited to meet their HR needs as they grow to service more NYC schools.

- Note from our founder, Elizabeth Speck: "Shout out to one of the most courageous people I know, Sarah Blas. Sarah’s voice and vision elevate what is possible.This month Sarah is transitioning off of her role as Communications & Community Engagement Lead with MindOpen. The movement for social justice is not limited to the boundaries of organizations. We thank her for all that we created together through MindOpen, and all that is to come."

Self Aware Leader Webinar

The Self Aware Leader webinar offered by Nonprofit New York is a resource for identifying the intersections between identity, biases, and leadership, and strengthening teams in the work towards social justice.The workshop takes place on June 27, register here.

American Sikh Film

American Sikh is an animated short telling the true story of Vishavjit Singh's travels as the Sikh Captain America, combatting hate and challenging narrow definitions of "American." Premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival!

Conflict at Work Report

The Conflict at Work Report by The Myers-Briggs Company explains how conflict can be productive or destructive, and is a tool for holding courageous conversations within your team towards greater interpersonal understanding.


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