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Bobby Digi

Affiliate Consultant, Community-Building and Culture

As an experienced diversity, equity, and inclusion practitioner who recently graduated MIT with a masters practitioners certification in Compassionate systems and practices. Bobby Digi, consultant and principal at Bobby Digi LLC is a social entrepreneur, community organizer, educator and a father to 4 sons who inspire his social justice work/advocacy. Bobby Digi has devoted over 20yrs to strengthening and building community locally and globally. Born in Brooklyn to parents of Nigerian descent he was raised in multi-ethnic Park Hill/ Stapleton on Staten Island. He has always been inspired to bring people of diverse backgrounds together to discover solutions to challenging issues. I lead by example, by utilizing my educational and professional opportunities to give back to my community and inspiring the next generation in the process. Some initiatives and community development initiatives I created or co-created include an organization called Island Voice, Inc. in 2007. This not-for-profit was designed to advocate for economic and youth empowerment and cultural enrichment for African, African American, and Caribbean people in the diaspora along with new immigrants. Through a partnership with Wagner College, Island Voice hosts an annual Youth Empowerment Summit that gives young people a “voice”. Professionals from the community lend advice on leadership development, education, and job readiness. This program has benefited over 7,000 youths. Island Voice hosts the annual Shaolin Chess Tournament. Digi believes that if children

learn the game they can apply those lessons and strategies to making well thought out life


After 10yrs of programming, advocacy for policy, and legislation to strengthen our communities on a city and statewide level, i created Canvas Institute of the arts culture and civic-engagement the first of its kind multidisciplinary space and gallery. it is the first and only black owned and led art gallery on Staten Island housing the largest collection of books on African American history in the entire borough. This was the answer to the lack of Black history taught in our schools all over America.


Bobby Digi
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